What should I add for my Gamemode?

I just started making a gamemode can you give me ideas on what I should add? This is the main idea: the host is a god (Super fast, damage boost, and fast regen) the host knocks out players to make them on the hosts side, while the players are trying to get items to de-summon the host.

You can use pseudo-health for that.
Use a game overlay that checks for items and removes them. (Maybe a vending machine) Wire that Checker or Vending Machine to take away the pseudo-health from the boss

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You could do a snowy survival map. If you want to do one, you can check snowy-survival

You could you my new guide i just made to add bushes/grass? (definitely not product plug)

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LORE, a super long sidequest, trolls, and easter eggs. With more LORE!


I know how to do that I just need ideas on what to add in it. (Shops, Weapons, Summoning circle?)

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Add different items that you can craft to make them more powerful.
Make certain items do more pseudo-damage to the boss as they become rarer.


@Mr.Tomato I need ideas on the

(Sorry for deleting your post that was an accident)

Make it correlate on the setting on the game.
(Where the story takes place)

Also, some more ideas to add to the game

  • Special Boss Attacks

  • Upgrades

  • Traps

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wdym I deleted it because I didn’t see ur post above

ohh you wern’t talking to me ignore that

Yeah I’ll do that. Thanks for the Idea :melting_face:

Lore: The host ascended his mortal realm and became all-knowing. How did he ascend, did anyone help? Are you going to get revenge?
Easter eggs: Maybe a NPC with your name
Trolls: A NPC who sells a really powerful item for 1 dollar, and when you buy it, you don’t get it and he disappears
Sidequest: Learn where the Apostle lives, the one who summoned him and get revenge.

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I dont know how but maybe some sort of mini games and other stuff like side quests like @max1 said :slight_smile:

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Even better, have that npc with your name give you a trash item or make you die


YES 50/10 I will do that.

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