What secrets should I add to my secrets map?

I need entrances, props, anything! Links to tutorials will work as well!

So, do something like the painting thing in Minecraft that if there isn’t a wall behind a painting, you can go through it, but use a prop that has no collision.

Okay, but can you send a link to a tutorial? Please. I don’t know how to do that!

I can tell you! Just give me a moment!

you can go into the settings of a prop by clicking on it and go to “All Options” and scroll down until you find a section labled “Collision” and select “no”.

Oh my bad…

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Have a prop with collision off, take the prop and set it as a doorway to a secret room, make sure you cannot see threw the prop or you will know there is a secret door, now they can walk in and out of it without any trouble yet the prop is still there and fully visible.

It’s all right, it doesn’t really matter who does it as long as the person asking for the solution gets one!


that or you can place a floor terrain in a for of wall terrain and people won’t know it exist because it looks the exact same because it is but you can walk through it.


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

I’ll use both ideas!

You make a library with a bunch of bookshelves. Whenever you walk up to one, you can press an invisible button which will show a popup with a passage of one of the books. However, one of these bookshelves will result in you pulling a secret lever by accident hiding the bookshelf prop revealing a teleporter for a secret room!
I know it’s kind of long winded and requires a lot of writing, but I think It would be worth it.

So far we have


*A secret entrance using either terrain or props with no collision.
*That’s it?!

Thanks again. I’ll use as many ideas as I can!

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