What props could I make?

What kind of custom bosses or props could I use in my tropical island?

  • The Boat Prop

  • Aquatic Emojis

  • Water (Terrain)

  • Dirt (Prop, tint it blue-ish for waves)

  • Fish Pile

  • Hay Stacks for underwater volcanoes

(Stack it kinda like this for the volcano and maybe some dirt on top for ash, instead of the white clouds tint them grey for ash)

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Umm. why would there be a pyramid?

coconut boss using barriers and changing color?

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No, that’s the volcano, place it kinda like the post by WolfTechnology I quoted

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Also, sorry I didn’t clarify but I meant just like the stuff you might find on a tropical island and a few “stranded” sentries designs.

Changing color?
How would that work?

I think he meant the barriers (coconuts) activating and deactivating and maybe zones and animation for the coconut attack

like change the color of a leaf to make a leafy lookin guy

How would I make a plane wreck (they got stranded).
Also, how would I make the day/night system but with only 2? It gt updated to 4 but I only need 2.

ok nevermind
dont make a coconut using barriers
it looks ugly and has to be big ._.

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This is what I was able to make
u can use my idea and maybe add on
but anyways i gtg
good luck!
and also mark a solution

@I-am-helpful, could you help?

no solution quite yet…

i mean when u find one
jst a reminder :slight_smile:

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alr anyawys im out

How about a graveyard where if you can find the right grave you can bring back something? I think marble signs sized down and a dark gray tint would make a convincing graveyward

Oh and you could add skeletons coming out of the grave


Could you guys help with this is what I meant.