What link do I gotta click on the teacher page to get red delishous skin?

ik its off topc a bit but I ry need to know

Wat what red delicious skin

The red delicious skin was granted during teachers appreciation week, 2 years ago I think. It is no longer obtainable.

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and I don’t think you are a teacher are you pls forgive me if I’m wrong

:frowning: awww man I rly wanted it

mhm thats the one right there

Many people who are not teachers have teacher accounts. I personally have one.

im on educator acc rn so yeah

yeah so do I atleast for now

well why? if you’re not a teacher nevrmind

so i cant get it pretty much

can you change from student to teacher? and do you get the same advantages students have but with teacher capibilitys?

I’ve never made a teacher account does it have any powers?? :))

yes that exactly that

There is no way for you to change your account from a student account to a teacher, as far as I know. The only way I know of to do it is for a gimkit staff member to edit your account data.

Teacher accounts have some benefits… although I haven’t been on a student account in so long I don’t remember what they are.

Yes there is under profile settings

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mhm go o settings and click teacher then sign in agian then click educator then fill it out

Sooo do you know them or not