What kind of roblox game should i make?

name a Roblox game and if it has the most likes I will make that game





and every text will get a like from me

oh, I mean a specific game on Roblox sorry for the confusion.

hide and seek tag (hide and seek ultimate)

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Oh, well the easiest game in my opinion to make would probably be a roleplay game like Brookhaven, as you just have to add buildings

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those 4 are really generic

theres so many so you can’t really be specific

@DOMdom just go on Roblox to see what you can find, it isn’t that hard…

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and if u have season ticket an obby centered around a theme

Also you should probably add the ideas tag

Yeah, you can make a game like tower of h3ll

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That cheese maze game. Where you run from the rat and get keys
That game is beautiful.

Edit: Its called Cheese Escape

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true but i will just put a list of games that relate with those game ideas
field trip
big paint ball
Ultra power tycoon
pet simulator

ok thanks for telling me

sadly i don’t have it

well, I just like getting others opinion when I am not in the mood to get on Roblox

Maybe prison games, like stateview prison or prisonlife; it should be easy to make, just add some jail cells

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you can’t make that game though, you would need moving sentries

holy, it only takes like 3 clicks and 6 characters how bad can that be