What kind of gim should i make?

I love making custom gims, and i need a idea please comment a video game/Tv/book character you would want me to make. I am going to use the gim in my thumbnail.

ummmm. This is technically off-topic. I’m not encouraging anything but could you make ken kaneki

you could make… ME!!
Screenshot 2024-03-31 11.42.11 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-31 11.27.59 PM

or some other forum members too


reference picture

Plz do it

i think its in gkc using barriers? I’ve seen his work

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already made it here


yeah, then thats off topic.


He/she copied the knight Gim :skull:

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I just need ideas for a thumbnail element


Also what is a ken kaneki?

search it up and you’ll find out :wink: (btw put “clean” when you search it up bc there might be gore unless it doesn’t matter)

@GimNo0b, if you’re free, I have been needing a new PFP, so maybe (after all your other requests are made) you could make a cappuccino cup/coffee cup gim?

umm… Which gim for teacher apparaction wek is better | Fandom370 × 370


I could edit it for you and make it look cool

I know that exists, but I want it to be a cup filled with coffee, not a coffee Jar?, holder?, Whatever it is

I could make one what are you thinking of?

Hot chocolate skin without the marshmallows and sprinkles.
also could do that for you and make it look cool

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I was thinking of a cappuccino cup (if you need a reference one, use cocoa for the shape, but lower the top of in and fill it with coffee with nothing in it)

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@GimNo0b what he said


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