What is your guys favorite map for xp

I want a cretin skin but i need alot of levels quickly

Tag domination is the best this is technically off topic

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Play a standard game of tag. That’ll get you 5000xp at least.


this isnt a question for the forums, this is for discussions about gimkit CREATIVE and particularly help with it. please take this elsewhere/

(tag domination though)


any good ones for solos?

You can make another tab while hosting TD and then j0in your own game


I forgot you could do that

I think it’s either tag, as you can speedrun powerups, or farmchain, because you can spam water and research to get a whole lot of Xp. Sometimes, farmchain can be slow to pick up quickly, but if you want less xp but have fun, go with fishtopia. Top 3: Tag, Farmchain, Fishtopia

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thanks that is super helpful

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Anything to help! I do a lot of xp farming too

Tag domination
You earn like 250xp per upgrade
Also always upgrade endurance first so you can hold more

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200xp per upgrade not 250

My bad
Haven’t done it on a while

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My favorite game mode for xp is tag domination because every barrier removed and every upgrade purchased gets you 200 xp. You can get a total of 5 lvls if you buy and remove everything.

do a tag domination, make another tab, and start the game. On the host tab, go around getting all the upgrades, which give 200 xp each.

Also, keep this out of the forums, as it is not related to GKC.

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