What is this? lol


Did you edit this picture? Or can you name props and you did?

Probably the image was edited
I don’t think Gimkit will make something called Skibidi ToiIet Rizzler

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You can change the names of props.

you can? because I never did, how do you do though?

Hold on, let me try and find it…

There is a difference between a know and a not sure; don’t post unless our 100% sure; people now might think they can change the name of their props.

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I was kinda sure you COULD change the name.

I found it!

Click on the name of the prop
Screenshot 2024-05-13 6.24.01 PM
And then this will pop up.

It was clearly renamed:


So in other words, somebody edited the prop name. Did you have anyone else editing, @WhereIsMyCrown ?

whaaaaaaaaat how uh what

Mark a solution so this can close. :+1:

my mind is breaking :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head:

That flag button be looking real shiny rn
Should i flag?

Nah, he was probably confused.

hes right i was so don’t flag me :rage:

He wasn’t talking about flagging your post, he was talking about flagging the main help post.

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That’s what I meant as well lol