What is this and why did it happen?

i was making my map when suddenly this happened

First off welcome back! Also what did you click on? That might explain what happened.

this is a bug that has been happening for a while now, im getting it too, I’m pretty sure it just happens randomly

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What did you click on in your map? What did you do in you’re map?

Welcome back! I think this happens when you have too much memory.

I didn’t click anything, I was wandering around. Also, my memory usage was 8% because I had Just started.

It was when you internet connection timed out, or went unstable. And you refereshed and you get that screen, just rehost, or shut down your device.

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Try restarting your device.

Welcome back, @SpaceXgamer11 !

Welcome back, @SpaceXgamer11! Remember to mark a solution!

I think it occurs when the system cant get to your files because you didn’t log in.