What is the weekly limit on xp

what is the weekly limit on xp

It’s 15k. Please don’t post things that aren’t about GKC maps in the future.

15,000 XP.
20,000 with the Season Ticket/Pass. (I think)
Also, this is not GKC-Related.

15,000 if you are on free 20,000 if you have season ticket.

Though this is not GKC related, so ask something that is GKC related

Weekly cap is 15k and that is 1,500 Gimbucks, but if you have season ticket it makes your cap 20k and 2,000 gimbucks per week.

srry i was just wondering :pensive:

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15k xp or 1500 gimbucks please stay on topic

its fine, i didnt know either

ask on the wix groupchat https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/groupchat

Its ok to post a quick question here and there, just not all the time and aslong as its answered relitvly quikly.

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ok thank you for being forgiving

1,000 xp = 100 gimbucks

15,000 xp = 1,500 gimbucks

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