What is the most damage possible in GKC? A damage guide

We’ve all probably wondered this at some point or another. That being, what is the absolute most damage you can have in GKC? Now many people are split on this. Some would say Quantum Portal Miniguns, others the Blaster. Either way, I am making this guide to show people what the most damage you can do in GKC is.


Before I start, I will look at the base damage only of a weapon. This means, how much damage can the highest weapon tier (legendary) do without using a damage modifier? To test this, I am going to shoot all the weapons at a Sentry once. (To find the maximum damage, multiply the damage of one shot by the number of shots the weapon holds.)
Here are my results for the Legendary Weapons.
Zapper: 22 dmg

Blaster: 32 dmg

Quantum Portal: 232 dmg

P.M.L: 72 dmg

Wooden Wand: 36 dmg

Snowball Launcher: 36 dmg

Slingshot: 84 dmg

Evil Eye: 104 dmg

Now, can see from the experiment, that the Quantum Portal does the most damage per shot. However, this is far from the true most damage.


We all were probably thinking lasers could do the most damage right? Wrong. You see, this is because of the cap. Since you can enter any number, GKC has an automatic stopper, or cap, which prevents you from having a laser with 1,000,000 damage. And sure, the highest damage is 100,000, as shown below, which might seem like a lot, but it’s still not the most damage to be done.

The ultimate weapon

Now, you’re probably wondering what the final thing is. So, I am going to show you…in a screenshot.
Screenshot 2024-04-05 11.26.47 AM

Ta-da! The weapon, or should I say device, that does the most damage is the Respawner! You might be confused as to why this is, so I will clear this up. The reason is simple. Since the Respawner is capable of respawning a player no matter what health they are at, that means the Respawner will be able to one-shot a player at any health. Theoretically, the Respawner is capable of doing Infinite damage, as it will always respawn a player.

Now, we can see what the most damage that can be done in GKC.


i think it’s 5000 hp

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While you are correct that 5000 hp is the max damage you can do with a weapon, it doesn’t compare to the Respawner. This is because the Respawner can respawn a player no matter what health they are at. Meaning, the Respawner is capable of doing infinite damage to a player.

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how about the most damage something thats not a device can do

Then the most damage that something that isn’t a device would have to be a Legendary Quantum Portal Launcher with a 10x Damage Boost. That does around 2,320 damage.


Just what I was about to say. If we’re not including devices at al, it would be simply the quantum portal, as you know.

ok cool

It wouldn’t. I forgot to include non-weapons such as the new Pickaxes from Dig It Up. I believe the Legendary does 300 base dmg, which is more than the Quantum Portal Launcher’s base damage. So in theory, the best weapon is the Legendary Pickaxe.



Theoretically, though.
I still like the idea

Feel like that isn’t all that accurate though because the respawner doesn’t do damage. It just respawns the player.


i-. ur right! but at least i wuz correct with 5000 hp tho :+1:

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Do we really need this guide? It’s good, but kinda… unnecessary.


i don’t think so, and i do agree with ur 2nd part.

Yes. However the respawner is like the /kill command in Minecraft. /kill respawns the player too, just like the Respawner. Plus, you cannot tank the Respawner like damage. That is what sets it apart from everything else. You see, If I as the player have enough health, I can tank any damage from weapons and lasers. However, no amount of health can stop the player from respawning. Therefore the Respawner is capable of one shotting a player regardless of the health.

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Plus, the Respawner is still capable of one-shotting a player, even if the player’s health is turned off. An example of this would be falling from a height in DLD.

well technically it saves u more than harms u

If checkpoints are turned on. Otherwise, it’s emotional pain being sent back to the beginning after spending twenty minutes climbing.
(From personal experience)

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