What is the easiest way to level up?

What is the easiest way to level up?

Just remember this is a gimkit creative forum


In my opinion a gimkit creative Xp farm is the fastest way to level up. But you just need to answer a lot of questions.

i have a kit with every question correct

i know its to play the capture the flag game you can answer questions buy every barrier, upgrade, and on the enemy side unlock the portals and get there upgrades repeat couple games

I suggest you choose a kit with some incorrect questions

I’ll make a super easy one

Welcome to the forums @Lostsea3!

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thank you @111 i come from the feedback place its a whole lot diffrent here

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thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

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The kit that i use for my Xp farm only has two questions one answer is incorrect

your welcome :slight_smile:. well i use a kit with incorrect questions 1/4 correct and it dosen’t give exp so i just use an all correct kit

Don’t look down helps me with Xp the most

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If you play tag by yourself or fishotopia, you get so much more xp
My bad for writing this, I won’t reply to this topic anymore

Probably don’t look down: The more higher you go, the more XP you’ll get.

Y’all should stop replying not tryin’ to be the party pooper or anything

the best is tag domination and a set where you type the answer and the answer is a single letter and 2 of the same letter

now let’s let this close

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