What is the easiest way to learn blocks?

So whenever I take a gander a blocks my head just twists. Is there an easy way to learn how blocks work and how to use them?

Jokes on you… I never touched a block in my life…

This is the reason I hate them. Also I never learned how to code ever so…

Use this, they have tons of topics about blocks

For real…

Just start with simple things like a randomizer, then work your way up to making like a graphing calculator.

Now how exactly would I do that? I’m completely clueless with blocks…

This is really helpful for learning blocks

Also, since you just marked a solution, do you have any questions, concerns about blocks?

No, not really. If I have any later I’ll ask you.

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What I do is I make my friend do all the coding for my maps lol

I have no friends

oh… :no_mouth:

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