What is the best gadget in Gimkit?

In terms of damage per second, it’s the quantum portal.

Okay, i’m sorry, but these kinds of posts are just useless.

If you want the community’s opinion: use the guides @TorontoBulls1 congrats on TL3! listed to see what’s the best gadget. People say that they want to know which one to put in their game, but that’s 100% a lie. (sometimes). Some of these “best gadget” polls are actually off-topic, but most of the community thinks it’s not.


Can you not reply and revive this off topic topic please?
(I have been on the forum for a long time just never made an account)

Snowbrawl launcher, obs.

Well if depends on what situation your in…
close range blaster
long range slingshot
medium range evil eye
closed in space quantum portal

This thing has been done before. Please look before you post as the forums do not need reposts.

Ok, why is any of this a thing? Did jeffo ask for this? Wha- is this all needed?


that’s why this is in devices, the wasteland of off-topic posts

@NavyCatZ, @Frozen_Cursor , @twofoursixeight , we need you for a post in thingy
if possible, could you go to it now? it’s quite important, but remember that we can wait (just not too long)