What is style from the new update today

there was a new update for gimkit creative but i can’t find the style thing that they added

I can’t either. Also, what is an emitter? They mentioned that in the patch notes as well.

What do you mean?

This is a GKC related question. It is about the changelogs for today:
(October 23rd, 2023)

its in the patch notes for the update for gimkit creative

That might mean it has not dropped yet, or it was just a bug update.

Yeah, sorry y’all, I didn’t read the full thing. Also, I thought you could already change the lasers to not be plants…

Not a bug update for sure, it probably hasn’t released yet.

but the text thing is out

Ok- it lets you change the laser endings from plants to whatever this is:


Put down a laser…

This is where you change it:

Yeah, thats what I said, and it makes to most sense. Normally they update gimkit at arround thge time to shop refreshes, so at 1:00pm CST, is around the time it should happen.

Nope it’s out we’re just all blind lol

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That, looks good!

Oh, this is perfect for some of my maps. That’s going to improve the ascetics a lot.

text stroke is cool
Screenshot 2023-10-23 9.45.49 AM


The laser start and end points.

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