What is range used for?

When in the settings for sentries there is an option to “increase the size” of your sentry. However when “increasing the size” instead of increasing the physical size of a sentry you increase the range. My immediate assumption is that range increases how quickly a sentry notices you. However this isn’t the case. Now I’m stuck wondering what range is used for.

Maybe they’ve been inverted by mistake?

The range is the targeting distance of the sentry. However, if the sentry is using a gadget like a zapper, the range will do little good as the projectiles themselves have poor range.

[Thanks for pointing that one out!]

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Even when having a broken range sentries still wont detect me when I am shooting them with a zapper. :confused:

If they respawn/activate and you don’t move, then they can’t see you. Both zones and sentries can’t see you if you don’t move.

I’m talking about you sprinting towards them and blasting them to the wall and they could not care any less.

Sentries are just dumb, I guess.

[Could be a low fire rate or bad targeting, or maybe just a bug.]

In any case, I have used the range tool successfully in one of my maps.


GIMKIT creative is a little scuffed sometimes.


Well it is still beta.

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It’s “will do”, not “will due”
(just a helpful comment)

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