What is a thumbnail?

I have been reading how to make these and I don’t exactly know what that is could anyone tell me?

Welcome to the forums @Queen-mom2! Remember yo read the guidelines and FAQ! A thumbnail is what you use to display what your game is about in a single image (for gimkit). For YouTube it could be what the video is about. Also please remove the ideas tag…

bonjour @Queen-mom2 , read the Community guidelines, don’t be a jerk, do all that stuff. Just think about thumbnails like a youtube thumbnail.

Welcome to the Forums @Queen-mom2

A thumbnail is a image that you would see if you ever made a game/video as a simi-preview for what the game is about

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Or one I made for somebody


Welcome to the forums, @Queen-mom2!

a thumbnail is the cover of a game, it advertises the game, and shows a bunch of cool things, if u plan to make one, don’t forget to add title

Thank you for your responses it is very helpful😁

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