What happened to the "Basic Badge"?

It said I got the tag, “Basic”, but when I click on the notification it says this page doesn’t exist or is private. Is this a glitch or did someone remove this?

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The same thing happened with the “Welcome” Badge
It says I reached the max replies so I’ll just edit this. I have the welcome badge, but when I click on the notification the link says it either does not exist or is private
Also how do you get the classes or is that not out yet? I don’t see it in the dev notes now
The badges are for this forums page
Oh wait nvm it was just glitching before I just had to reload the page

I have the welcome badge :confused:

What are badges? Never seen those before. Are they for creative?

Classes aren’t available yet :blush:

You might keep an eye on the change logs in the documentation!


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