What happened to gim ai

just wondering I keep hearing about this gim ai what happened to it

It got suspended and it’s never coming back.

was it a person or bot

A person-controlled AI language model that was taught on information about gimkit.


i wonder why though lol

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People trained it to do, questionable things.

An AI ruins the purposes of the forums. The forums are meant to have other users help you, and if an AI can help you with anything, what’s the point of the forums?

And yes, many people have said this, so yeah (don’t pretend you didn’t like it you sneaky-).


It was made to help around on the forums, but people mistrained it, so it had to be banned.


Why was it even allowed to be trained

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Perhaps the owner thought that the community could influence it well (and save time instead of reading through a million requests of training).


It talks about why gimai was shut down here: https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/u/gimai/summary

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