What guides can I make?

Are there any rules on making guides?

What can I make a guide about?

Try to make it decently long, helpful, mostly about GKC, usually about a device system or a device, that guides the player but isn’t a showcase unless specially requested by the community.

I want to help and make a guide but i’m not good with that stuff.
what should I do?

Also, make sure it doesn’t already exist. If it does, you generally shouldn’t post it unless it’s a completely different method or adds on to it.


What is the hardest mechanic you know how to do?

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mechanic meaning like the stuff that makes the game work?

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You could take a old mechanic (like a battle royale) and find a new way to do it!

Do you know blocks?

What are blocks?

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Ok, never mind then. Here’s some guides that may help.

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Device systems like regenerative health and ending the game when one player is left.

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oh, well yea I don’t really know much about mechanics. I usually just like to make houses. But that looks like a lot of reading about blocks…what do the blocks do?

like in summmary

Blocks are basically just coding, it help add features to the game and incorporate things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, it’s very similar to Scratch.

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Oh, ok thank you :slight_smile:

Am I aloud to show how to make like stuff I made with props or is that against the rules?

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That would go in the art category. Make sure that it is relevant, so no carcetutres of all the gimvengers!

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the amount of cluttered art guides which 98% I wont use these days…

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