What games are more popular on gimkit. For a game that I can make. (poll)

Like what’s more popular.

  • Battle Royale
  • Escape rooms
  • story mode
  • or a 1v1
  • or a lot of decorations or detail
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pls don’t make new topics on this type of stuff and idk. is this offtopic?

Probably battle royals although this is kinda off topic. Maybe say why you need this?

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they need ideas on what to make to get more views.

Oh, I see
but @2nd_place_guy maybe add why you need this in the post to prevent getting flagged


My favorite game that I like making is escape rooms but I think a battle royale would be fun too.

Oh ok nice

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I have something to tell you on padlet


Making a game solely for the purpose of fame is one of the reasons why Scratch is covered in low-effort platformers on the “Trending” page.

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