What game map should I make next?

What game map should I make next?

  • Escape Room
  • Hide and seek
  • Tag
  • Prison Break
  • Farming Simulator
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I suggest escape room and the others have been made too many times

thanks for the vote @THEHACKER120 make sure to leave a like :+1:

ummm no offense but I don’t usually like help posts… guides only…

Please don’t tell people to like things
They have a choice


ok ok my bad didn’t know that again sorry for the inconvenience

yea @Cellofive but i’m not forcing him to like the post i ment can you pls like the post

Like no offense but your acting like I was forcing @THEHACKER120 to like my post what I meant was can you pls like, why are you guys making a big deal just beccause I said one thing. no offense but pls don’t do this to me again I just wanted some ideas on what map I should do next, in my opinion it wasn’t a big deal.

No, I am not

I even apologized for it and still you guys were telling me “they have a choice too” i know they do but why did you make it a big deal.

yea you are,
You clearly were

~let’s stop arguing~

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ok thats what i want but you started it

you wanna call it truce

I don’t make truces, or enemies

ok no more fighting, deal

@Cellofive says we should stop fighting then isay “lets stop fighting, deal” and then doesn’t reply back to me.

Fun fact: leaving a topic is the best way to kill any argument going on at the time