What does deactivating a sentry do?

i thought if you added wires to a button and a sentry it gave the option to knockout the sentry?

deactivating a sentry makes the sentry disappear and not fire

it’s like if it “deletes” the sentry

of course, you could reactivate the sentry at some point

oh okay thanks for the help

Deactivating a sentry basically knocks it out. but I’m pretty sure you can reactivate them if you deactivate them.

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yeetus deletus sentry
yea it stops working

If you want to just have it stop hitting players and not disappear I would put a barrier around it instead

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off-topic but you have to be online >50 days and read a lot

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well, that would be like intimidation to an enemy

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Deactivating a sentry means you make them disappear, not be knocked out, if you wanna, you can reactivate them to use them again!

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Deactivating a Sentry makes it disappear.
You can activate it to make it reappear.
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