What do you guys think of this map

do you guys think i should add anything?, ok will ad screenshots, just i don’t have time right now

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Welcome to the forums!

You cant post codes here. Please remove it. If you need help with anything in your map, let us know!

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Yes, you can’t post codes on the forums. Please use screenshots and tell us WHAT exactly you need help with.

i don’t need help, i just wanna know what you guys think and what you think i should add

Maybe describe your map? Add some screenshots, e.t.c…

Try the wix then, you can’t post codes or anything its against the rules.

What’s the wix?

thats why i removed the code

Ok, that’s good! When you have time, send out some screenshots or a description.

Wix, this is the second time I have shown this today.

Oh, yeah, I’ve been there before, just never realized what it was called :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t you show me that earlier today?

Now, I’m doing that, there is energy, it’s a tagging game where all hiding spots get you tracked and, here’s the map