What do y'all think?

This is my thumbnail for a game I made called the untitled goose game based off the real game the untitled goose game by house house
But anyways Rate this

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10/10! But, I don’t think rating art is allowed? Maybe it is? I don’t know. But, it looks good! :+1:

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i don’t think so, its sort of like a show case. but the topic is brand new so no rule has been set yet.


I agree. We should probably wait until a new rule about this happens.

should we message jeff to see what rules he thinking of or if he planning to make a topic or the rules that gonna be set for art guides to clear confusion?

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for copyright I would change it to untitled Gim game or something

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Untitled Gim Game would be too close to my game’s name (which I will disclose in a series of blurs and dropdowns so as not to advertise). Try Untitled Goose Gim? If you use this, take the bill of the recently popular “smoking duck” meme and put it on the no costume Gim, then color it black and replace Dodge with it.


Perfect, but the credit is too big, just make it smaller; and it’s 11/10

hey is quoting previous work when saying gonna work on a thumbnail for someone allowed? a lot of ppl do it but isn’t it showcasing/advertising? (i’m not gonna do it for sure…i think its not necessary and showing off… but i want to know if its allowed)

10/10. Also,
There’s an art category now?? Is this new, made for thumbnails and stuff?

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I was saying that as an example. If it was untitled goose game idk but copyright will prob strike (the mods might unpublish the game or something maybe)

you might get sued
maybe name it untitled Kit game

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Not trying to be rude but…


But I will change it…

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imagine. that would be hilarious!
anyway, the worst thing that would happen is your game gets unpublished or taken down jsyk

Also add a strok to the font. (in strok add an “e” to make it make sense, it won’t let me post this otherwise)

whether I think they will or not, it’s always good to be on the safe side

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Remember not to advertise

I sure do love BUMPING my own topic