What did i do wrong?

So i made a game and a custom thumbnail but for some reason i can’t find my game in the discovery tab. Here is the info of the game

I just recently discovered that the search filter doesn’t search by title, ONLY description.
If that doesn’t work then I think it was because of your (kind of) arrogant description.

If you really want an answer, email hello@gimkit.com.
They usually respond after a day or two.

Also, why are you ban evading?
Didn’t you already have an account named “ShiggieBiggie?”


It takes a while for your game to come into.

Search up “The Best One There Is…” and there should be your game.

this is how you make the search filter bad


alright i’ll try that maybe even change the description

Uh didn’t work i even changed the description to Survival Chapter 1

Maybe someone unpublished your map? Does your map have any plays?

93 plays

oh… how long ago did you publish it?

about 4 weeks ago might be more

Chance that yours might got unpublished by a Gimkit admin…

My game is perfectly Family friendly and my other game didn’t get taken down

Wait, is Survival Chapter 1 still in your description?


is your game one of these?

no this is the thumbnail

hmmm I couldnt find your game either…

try messaging hello@gimkit.com. usually takes them a day or so to answer…

My school computer im using does not have gmail on it

maybe try downloading it?