What devices can you use to insert images?

I just need to know so I can make the icons to unlock gadgets for my one way out map

Custom images are not allowed in GKC yet, but you can put emojis in text to display a variety of icons.

thats what I mean icons but im doing it for gadets or items (you can do that)

You can use item spawners, item granters, or vending machines. I think an item spawner with a prop over it will be your best choice.

I mean ike in one way out

I think those haven’t been added to the game yet. You’ll have to find a workaround.

hmmm can you list all devices that can tho

Refer to my reply above:

also you can you banners so it does what I need

Wait! Try this.
Custom images with pixel-art in Gimkit Creative! [:green_square:]

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