What device can replace repeaters?

Ok, so I’m making a new game, called: Battle World, and while I was making classes for each team, I reached the maxiumum repeater limit: 10. Is there another device to replace this one?

hey @VALUEX i really don’t know about this one so ima call @WolfTechnology and @getrithekd and @Blackhole927 maybe they know what to do.

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Use recursion triggers with max trigger?

I am assuming no.

but will that repeat?

That could work, but I was also thinking about wire repeaters. I will try both ideas. Thank you!

Wire repeater will probably lag. We want as little devices as possible.

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if @getrithekd ideas work mark it as the solution, and if not mark my post saying no

That’s the definition of recursion.


Lol I used to not know what recursion was either. When I found out I was like “This is literally just repetion, but instead with a fancy word…”

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you guys know @VALUEX just say no or yes and if it worked or not without marking you know that guys? sorry i was just wondering

That would work, but if I say no then they would be notified and see that it didn’t work sooner.

Wire repeater going into wire repeater, and then going back into the original. Set the delay in one of the wire repeaters to whatever you want.

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he has a limit, and needs more.

That’s what I am doing right now, and I think it will work.

why am i so bad a code?

It doesn’t involve block code, all it’s is a wire repeater wired to another one that has a delay time that will then do something, like a repeater. Plus, you’re not bad at something as long as you try your hardest. Even if you get it wrong.

I still don’t really know much on thataspect, im teaching myself.

(like @GimAI said in his goodbye about me message) nothing perfect

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