What cod perk machine should I make next

I know I have done this before, but I didn’t have all the perk machines (I also should add that this will close tomorrow at 10:30 A.M)

  • Elemental pop
  • Death Perception
  • Tombstone
  • vulture aid elixir
  • double tap
  • Juggernog
  • Who’s who
  • quick revive
  • Do a custom perk instead (if you chose this option, comment and put a picture of what custom perk)
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Maybe you should compile all your perk machines into one guide so they are easier to find and cause less clutter.

I have an ultimate guide on all perk machines in progress

I’m also am making them individual guides first, and them adding them to the big guide

It might be better to make one guide then edit it with those perk machines. If you don’t, people might complain that you’re making too many guides about perk machines.

ok, good idea, I just wanted something to do in my spare time at school, if I have no homework

They aren’t a regular; they would run out of edits.

wait, you can run out of edits?

Yeah, I think you have like 7 or so. And after thirty days you can’t edit no matter what.

oh no, I’ve already edited it like 3 times, and I still have like 8 perks left

You might need to make a few more before adding them to the ultimate guide all at once

nvm, I have only used one, it was to change the title

To save edits, you could ask a regular to do that too

so i should be good, if If I add like 2 at a time

Yeah, that should work