What are some ideas for guides I should make?

Recently I’ve been a little stuck on ideas of guides to make, and I thought that it was a good idea to ask you guys!
Are there any props, interiors, or general guides you guys would want to see made? If you want to, don’t be afraid to suggest something you want in your game!

I’m not asking for anything super specific, but I’d appreciate it more if you recommended something less general than something like “an interior guide”.
Even just a basic idea I could build off of, like “a western town” or “a spaceship” is okay!!

Thank you in advance!

Maybe try king of the hill?

There are already so many guides for king of the hill on the forum, plus, there isn’t much I could do with the aesthetic aspect of it when it comes to making a guide. Thank you for the idea, though! I’ll keep this in mind in case I end up making a map around it.

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I didn’t know. I thought there wasn’t any.

Now that I think about it, I guess there really aren’t that many guides for it. I’m just thinking that when it comes to gameplay mechanics, that’s not exactly my specialty :sweat_smile:

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Maybe art on creating the Trojan horse? Sounds goofy, but it’s what popped into my head.

That sounds like a silly little idea, I love it! I can see myself making that, thanks for the suggestion!

I think I’d use a LOT of wooden signs for sure.

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I wonder if I can BUMP my own posts?

you can definitely do that, definitely bump your own things.

Don’t bump posts until the topic has been inactive for about a week or more.

Good to know. Any ideas, though?