What are some good ways to lower usage in gimkit creative to lower lag,

So I need to know how to lower the usage in my gimkit creative world because it gets laggy something with the high amount of stuff that is it. Also, I don’t want to have to decrease the overall quality of my game.

this might work

@vqnillaxx This is helpful but what about senty and animation with them that is what my biggest problem is at the moment.

Uh. I don’t know how helpful this will be, but 1. Don’t use sentries, and 2. Use the same animation trigger for all your animations, and use concat to make it easier to use.

@ClicClac Thank you but with that what devices/blocks would I be using?

For the sentries? I would use literally anything else, they take up so much memory. However, that’s my anti-sentry bias talking. For the concatenated animation, make a triggerloop with a delay. Upon every tick, one of the triggers needs to increment a property by one, then broadcast on that channel. If you want your animation to loop, you should also have the block code check if the property hit a max value. If so, set it back down to a lower value.


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