What are Properties?

What do properties do? I’m confused

they are variables! they store information


They are stuff that track certain things like numbers. An example of stuff you can do with properties is making scores for capture the flag:

So go to settings, press map options, press score, and change the score type to property. This is basically a number that can change. In Score Property, type in something like “Flag Score.” This is what your property is called. Then, place a counter (I think you need one for each team’s zone) and set the count scope to team. Also, click on Property and set update property to yes. Set the property to update the property that you made earlier (In my case, Flag Score.) Connect the zone to the counter so when a flag is captured, it increments the counter.


you can make it a variable for one user, or for the entire game.

They’re like global variables, as opposed to the local variables that block-scripts store - you can use them to store values like a player’s score or health value(s), and any other device or block structure can then reference that value to do even more useful things.


Oh. Thanks everyone!

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