What amo does a blaster use for gimkit?

Please comment ASAP.

It uses medium shards.

Sorry for getting it wrong the first time.

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no he is wrong is uses median shards (not sugesting anything about the gender of @getrithekd )


Yeah it uses medium shards.

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That’s for zappers

Don't Click this

I just noticed zapper and yapper rhyme LOL

If you aren’t sure about someone’s pronouns, ‘they’ is a safe fallback, as it is a gender-neutral pronoun, used sometimes to refer to someone of an unknown gender, and therefore can be applied to all people correctly.



That’s why I always use “they” or “them” lol.

On another note, when you realize that in today’s generation, you can’t even mention them anymore, since there are people who identify as “they” or “them” (or at least portray themselves as such on social media).

Is it just me who feels like a medium sized segment of our generation is becoming more and more ridiculous (to put it nicely…)

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