What a good dash mechanic and speed and time

I’m trying to make a dash mechanic like everest I would appreciate your help all comment are acceptable.

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When the game overlay is clicked, set the player’s speed to whatever higher increment you want. Then, after a period of time, it goes back to normal speed. To do that you need to make a timer that activates when the game overlay button is clicked.

That not what i’m asking im asking for speed and time your dashing.

Like what the exact speed is and dashing time is in Ascent of Mt. Snowy?


I’m not sure the exact speed, but I believe the normal speed is 1.5, and the dash speed is 2.5. The dash time, though is 3 seconds… (possibly 5 sry im just tired so im not sure)

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Let me try that. That probably going to work

Alright. Mark a solution if you found one!

I know I’ve done this a lot of times.

No like the one in everest.

I can do this trust me I have done this before with @it’skh

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cant share codes.

Delete post. Pls.

I have sorry
for the trouble I will screen shot

Can you do that @turkeyhelpedkh

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I have, I am sorry for the trouble

Just use a padlet if you want to post codes!
Or this one:

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Looks like there is some trouble here!

Do what @Kormorant said in post #2.

Then, adjust the normal speed, dash speed, and timer for how long the dash is.

For the timer, I recommend wiring the overlay to a wire repeater, then wire the wire repeater to the normal speed thing. The wire repeater delay is how long it lasts.


Btw you forgot this one:
Alternate GKC Discovery (padlet.com)

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