Welp I need a thumbnail... Again (No Poll)

I need a thumbnail for a game that I just made which is called, Team Deathmatch (Seasons) And the things I would like for it are, 4Teams With 1 named Team summer and 1 team named Team winter, 1 named Team spring, and 1 named Team fall, fighting in a deathmatch The gims I would like are, Stache (yellow), bonesy, chompz, king gimrick, The mummy, The corn one, The guitar, and da cheeseburger. only those 8 The Background is, A winter section, fall section, summer section, and a spring section with each team matching the season. Hopefully this is not too much to ask??? Probably is… I WOULD LIKE PHOTOSHOP

what are they doing in the thumbnail? fighting? running? chilling?

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I can try… This could be hard…

its a deathmatch so I guess FIGHTING

Ok, I am back from watching a movie. My brain’s not working properly but I’ll try




(extra space)

For extra characters you can put only lower case letters in these <>

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by the way, to conquer the character minimum, not limit for those who say that…

you can do this < h > except remove the spaces between them then add more characters, like this. < hhhhhhhhhhhhh >

oops my bad didnt see your post TheHacker120

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like this

Yea like that

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I’ll make one! I’m going away tho.

When do you need it?

Oh ok



I want it at least by friday


I gtg

Uh… I’ll try!

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Honestly, I use google slides so this request is kinda a overkill for me but I’ll try.


Same, but I hand-draw things so this’ll take a while