Well, this is annoying

so when I boot up a map and i click on something, it just clicks on a random device or random wire or prop, even when im clicking something else.

This can happen pretty often nowadays. There isn’t a permanent fix, but I would click on an actual device to fix this.


it still opens the same thing up

Did you try opening a new tab for that map?

Try starting the game and then immediately ending it. If that doesn’t work then try clicking m and moving the device. However, if the item is a wire or you are still having problems then you will probably need to restart.

2 things:

  • You have a join code
  • Your bookmarks give away some personal data

2 more things:

  • Edclub typing? I used to do that.
  • Sea lion fun facts. What’d you learn?

Yeah, you should remove the join code.

Sea lion fun facts!

Someone ACTUALLY needs to make an FA about private info…


Yep, try refreshing and it should work

Ahem… @Haiasi, do you by chance have a free community-made guides draft open. If not, read above comment.

Sure. I have an empty draft.

Thank you so much!
This seems to be a recurring issue…

if you have text devices in, it might be because text has unorthodoxly large hitboxes for some reason
you might have to go to layers, and then click on the device in the layers to edit it from there

I have found what fixes the issue is pressing “M”, not moving my mouse, and then running over do the device you selected. Then move your mouse, and the press “Esc”. Then click on the device a couple times and it fixes.


I have that same problem sometimes. Reloading or selecting the glitching device and retrying usually fix it otherwise i just reload.


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