Weird code guesser or hacker maybe creepypasta

I was playing a fishtopia game by myself when a random gim named nico joined he was with a ninja skin

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Screenshot 2024-05-14 1.48.53 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-14 1.49.04 PM

Hey! This is the GKC forum, if you think this is a issue concerning your own or others security, email Gimkit.


Code guessing is pretty easy. I code guessed plenty of times into games.


Yeah this should be in bugs or something, just mark solution.

looks like this is ending up on the gimkit creepypasta wiki…

Easy answer, kick Nico

So its actually just another person you randomly guessed your code, all gimkit codes are a bit similar and if you spam random codes you’ll eventually end up in a random persons lobby. So make sure next time to kick them immediately but they won’t be a harm to you if you don’t

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One possibility is that they used a certain Blooket mode that puts up Gimkit codes. I tried and got into an among us game (by Magenta_Dragon)

I’ve never heard of that c0de-guessing method. How would the c0des in blooket be the same as gimkit’s c0des?

Idk, something else is you make a match then +1 to the code and that should work too

This happened to me in a GKC map…

I took a screenshot of it and left as quickly as i could…

those are just code guessers

just kick them or leave the game

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Guys, why are you still replying, this was 12 days ago, just let it fade away…

it was already fading away before you replied so uhhhhhhh

@RickAir if you’re still there, mind marking a solution?

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Yeah, one time I was playing a map and 5 people just joined in randomly. They must have had a code really close to mine.

Or, they were guessing codes and one guy got in so he told his friends to j0in in and grief you

Actually, Once I joined someone’s random server by putting in a completely random code. The person that was doing the game had left by the time I got in so they didn’t know but it was still pretty cool. Maybe that’s what this player did.

I was Nico. JK Jk I stopped with the code guessing thing a while ago. So yeah, just mark a solution its prob a code guesser or exploiter.

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