Weird bug - visiblilty

So before responding, please note that I have done all the easiest bug fixes (restarting, log out, etc) and it will not stop. I am IN GAME and i am able to see devices that should be hidden in game!

In this I turn you can see the zone device, a button that is meant to be hidden and even a pop up device in the bottom. No idea why it is doing this…. Any ideas?

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I’ve seen someone else go through a similar thing, so it’s not just you. Maybe the update though, making everything wonky right now.

Yeah there have been more bug posts today than I have seen in a long time lol

Yes, I checked, but please read the whole post, as it also has a picture showing a pop up device, which are NEVER visible

You probably clicked too fast.
Said u can emial them at:

Tis is the era of All sorts of weird bugs, like devices appearing in game, resistant sentries, unmovable sentries, undeactivateable sentries, gims broken into pieces, ball glitching through walls… etc cause the new update


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