Website problem

So basically the website to check the updates won’t work I went to go look but it says this

internet is fine I can’t email gimkit about it because of school email so what should I do?

Just reload. Also, this should probably be in bugs, right?

I click any of them it won

work it’s broken I think

I thought that was for gimkit itself not the websites linked to it
ili put it in bugs if I’m wrong

True.Idk. But it’s probably just a glitch .Reenter the link and it’ll prob work

yes it is happening to everybody prob cus josh is updating

it still works for me, but it is most likely just the devs updating/ patching bugs of the platformer mode.

Wooo my friend billy Joe bob Jr the third will be happy once the updates out

Yeah it’s def update I just reset my hole laptop but it still ain’t working

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yep thats a classic gimkit update. Sorry about your loss of time though.

It’s pretty much part of the website I forgive u

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