Weapons Texture Bug

It also acts like a slingshot, with slingshot ammo, but you can’t see the projectiles. Like, until it connects with the little slingshot fire effect, it straight up doesn’t work.


Texture bug? Happens pretty often to me.

Man what on Earth happened here?

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sry can’t help myself this is a funny glitch.

I think if I restart it it’ll fix itself, but wow, this is absolutely ridiculous. How did this even happen? I’ll try to respawn myself and see if it works.
Okay, I did it and the next time I spawned it glitched for a second alternating between giant wand and slingshot, but balanced out. I’ll mark a solution, since it fixes itself.

Wolf, stop assuming stuff that you think that are true. I’ve got this bug before, it has the gadget in the wrong size.


That was when DLD was just released it was the same as the parts of a gim that would enlarge. This seems very suspicious to me, that’s why i posted my post. [1]

  1. not to sound rude, it sort of does now reading it ↩︎

I’ve had this bug too and my gadget… very big

k never seen it and the image just looks weird. I’ll delete the post if this is going to start problems. I don’t want pharlain to have to deal with more forum issues.

I assume that’s an assumption, which I disagree with. Changing the title of this one. IF this was a prank, I wouldn’t mark a solution early.


What would be the point of this being a prank? I have a lot of stuff to lose getting banned, and that would be ridiculous. I don’t have any reason to ban-speedrun.

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This also happens to me when a zapper sometimes becomes the size of a quantum portal/evil eye (in terms of sprites), the issue is that sometimes when you switch to another weapon, gimkit fails to render the current weapon you’re on at the moment causing the sprite of the previous weapon you selected to be visible. Just wait a bit or refresh and gimkit should render the weapon you’re selecting at the moment.

People sometimes get on the forum, even if they are not ban speedrunning. They just post a photo shopped image and claim that something happened, when nothing is truly wrong. I haven’t ever seen this as a bug so I assumed that it was a prank post. My apologies about that.


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