Weapon Rankings

so what i mean by this is there a like defined list of the weapons, so like from S to F tier.

I would prob say that quantum portal, snowball launcher s tier. Blaster a tier.

There is. But everyone has different opinions and like a wise gim named @GimSolver said: All gadgets are designed equally. It just depends on the skill and situation of the user.
I guess you could look at this tho.


zapper - d tier

pml - b tier

slingshot - a tier

quantum portal - b tier

sl - s tier

blaster - a tier

ww - a tier

ee - a-b tier


whats ee

Evil Eye.
Sounds very obscure lol, when someone mentioned it I didn’t understand it at first

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Wait why would blaster be s tier? Also what is ee?

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Evil Eye

oh ok thanks

I mean it’s kinda good, but you are right lol, maybe a tier

There is also this!


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you used so many acronyms but for Quantum Portal you didn’t write QP?

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Ugh, @Haiasi 4, me 0.

why would blaster be at a tier?

Because it has long range, fast speed, fast reload, high ammo, and has large projectiles.

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It’s fast and it has a long range.

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