Weapon assitance

Hey, I’m doing a maze game with a hunter, and I was hoping to give them a weapon that eliminates someone in two hits and has a decent reload time.

I suggest Slingshot or PML. Welcome to the forums!

thanks for the welcome, but of which rarity?

For the slingshot I’d have green (uncommon). PML would be purple (Epic)

Slingshots or PMLs are probably the best like what @max1 said. Also, welcome to the Forums!

thanks for the welcome

k testing out the pml now thanks guys

Welcome to the forums, @Sandgod! I hope you found your solution!

Can you change the title to make the spelling correct? I am just learning this language, and I am not accustomed to the slang version of English.

@Sandgod welcome to the forums !!

sure thing im just lazy and dyslexic lol, I’ll fix that for ya’

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Uncommon slingshot, if you care

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