We should start a think tank for DISCUSSING ideas, not complaining about being out of them (forum rant, kinda agree tho)

so, i go into the idea subsection, and i see people HAVING good ideas but most of the time i see people asking FOR ideas sOo this is a space to post all your ideas

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we/I/someone should make a moving maze.

I do agree with this, but this is a bit off-topic.

The great rule of thumb of searching before you post…

Isn’t the point of the tag for if you need ideas?

I can look but I’m pretty sure it is.

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true… true. in hindsight this wasnt a very good idea bUut you can still post

that’s what it says on list of tags to use
its used for both technically

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thank you. i will take it down.

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if I can post confidential files in the government about every horrible thing they did and all their secrets, should I post it?

probably shouldn’t

I know this is a analogy that has no way to compare since these are 2 wayyy different situations

but if you still have to consider, is this a good post? and is this on topic about GKC?

mark a solution to close the topic

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