We need help deciding a plot for our game

So me and @vqnillaxx are working on a game, and we don’t know what the storyline should be. We’ve settled on two options:

  • The player remembers an old friend they used to have, and decide to go searching for them by finding clues as to where they could be.
  • The player’s friend goes missing, and you basically play out the movie “Missing” trying to find them.
    (If you haven’t watched it yet please do it’s really good)

(The difference is that one of them ends in a plot twist and the other ends in something wholesome)

What plot should we use?
  • Old friend
  • Missing friend
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I think the old friend plot could have lots of side quests, and has more flexibility and options.


This calls for poetry! Deleightful!
“An old face
A missing one
A setting moon
A rising sun
A pure intention
A dark one
A hope to find
The only one.”-The Insomniac.


You do realize I am literally giving you easter eggs. Right?

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Its a tie. I honestly would go for the old friend because their already tons on missing people

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I second that motion. Please use old friend.


Old friend has a LOT of things to do and plot twists to make


Then do it. Everyone likes a juicy game. The more playtime the better. The more people will remember it.


The storyline “old friend” sounds like an intriguing storyline, I’m looking forward to seeing how the storyline unfolds.