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Have you seen these gimkit forum posts lately?
People will go onto the forums and make a post saying: I need help making Some random easy thing that you learn in the tutorial and then never check on it, they either forget about gimkit, think they will get notifications on gimkit, loose their account, or read the responses and don’t reply or mark them as solution.
If you need help experiment or use the tutorial, that should be all you need, but if what you want to do is really difficult, use the forums, you don’t need help with "How do I make the player get an item when they press a button.

These are some good examples of bad posts - Coffee: Would dead cells be posible in gimkit (that’s how they spelt it). This post wasn’t terrible, but all they asked was "I need to make it so that when you die you loose an item, that’s the lifecycle and item granter.
bendyandink: I want to make rainbow freinds (again, that’s how they spelt it) They didn’t ask for help of any kind, they just said “i need help making ainbow freinds”, They didn’t say anything else any still hasn’t after four hours. People tried to help, but it’s such a wide topic, we don’t know exactly what he’s talking about.

If you need help really badly and no matter what you do you can’t figure it out, use forums and check every 15 minutes, other than that, don’t use it, unless you want to help people with their game.

Post script - Also use layering on terrain, I see so many games there none of the terrain is layered and it all just blend together and you can’t tell what is a wall and what is the floor, When you place terrain, the menu at the bottom lets you layer terrain.



Sorry for accidentally making it important!

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this is kinda off topic
report this to the discord, not here.

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Yeah, I’m just a little angry (and depressed). I’ll just mark you and this can end.

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this is so true

watch like 90% of the forum users ignore this


You really think that forum users will actually search things up?

One more thing to talk about, is that please don’t make a post about the same thing. It prevents clutter, and there is a solution. If you want a post to be revived, just reply to it, say something like, “Bump”.

Honestly I totally disagree with most of this. Some people, like me, just have off days. other people are just really unskilled at this stuff. What if they are just starters? But with the undetailed posts… yeah people need to work on that

If you need help with something simple like, “How do I do on and off lasers?” Pleaseee just search. If you make the same post again and again and again, it causes clutter. Only post if you need decor help, suggestions, or have a generally difficult question.

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deep breath

We can’t really do anything about it. You shouldn’t make posts complaining about the forum, it won’t really do much. People will just like the post and say, “ohhh thats 100% true hahahaha” and just keep doing what they do. Remember, [1]

Please don’t point at people, it is extremely rude and it will only make things worse.
You might say that a problem is easily solved by (device) → (device), but that’s not always how the OP wants the system to work.

Instead of discouraging people for their posts, why not encourage them and help them fix their mistakes. We were all new to the forum once.

“other than that, don’t use it.” Please don’t use negative words, after all the forum is not just for helping people with their maps or making help posts, it’s also a place to theorize about gkc-related things and make guides to contribute to the community.

One last thing I’d like to state is minimodding. Minimodding is a huge problem, people try to act like they’re a mod and boss around people just because they have TL3 or a higher trust level than a person.
Trust levels or status don’t make you the user YOU ARE in the community. It’s how you act in the community that matters.
Badges or stats don’t matter. [2] Just stick to GKC and have fun. Complaining won’t do anything. Just discuss about GKC and let Jeffo handle the forum.

  1. the community decides whether the forum dies or thrives, even if we get TL4 and the mods are more active, it’s always the community that decides if they want their community to die or thrive. ↩︎

  2. I, and probably most of you learned this the hard way. ↩︎


@Cellofive change your pfp back I get excited for nothing

that’s literally what I just said :skull:

Yeah well mine was different
(did u just skull emoji me? nah)

Yah know, where I live, we don’t do that, silly. I may have moved, but I keep my boundaries.

seriously dont point people out, they may become scared to back to the forums for help in fear of being chastised. theres not much that can be done except be kind, helpful, and prevent mistakes like these from happening again. cheers.


Aww, I’m sorry. You made me show empathy… now I feel bad

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Bump it every 2 hours?

Gimkit wixsite.

And why do you have an alt account? What’s the purpose of that? Jeff said not to have alt accounts.

And suggest this at the nolt. Sorry for the complaints.

@ABCD, @ABCDalt23 @ABCD4