Waypoint help: player. VERY URGENT, NEED HELP NOW

I made a game with 3D walls, and you can’t see yourself behind the walls, so I made a system that shows where you are when the camera can’t see you. (I put zones behind the walls.) I’m using a waypoint, everything is working fine, I tested it with location, and it worked, but when I switched it to player, the wayoint didn’t activate.


With location:

(I’m behind the wall.)

With player tracking:

(I’m still behind the wall.)

I assume you’re using channels, right?

Yes, I didn’t want to wire a lot of zones.

Zone settings:

Waypoint settings:

You can’t see yourself when using a waypoint. It’s kinda shady, but the way it works is that it shows where a player is to everyone EXCEPT that player.

Which means you have to use “Location of Device”

I’m going to test that.

Yeah, just use a different tab as a test

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isn’t there a guide on this?

The guide says something different, but it has the same concept.

Oh… Well I don’t even know how to use the player waypoint thing so I am probably not a reliable source

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Tracked person’s screen:

The test dummy’s screen:

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I tested it, and the other player can see me. I will keep this open for a bit in case a person knows how to solve this.

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Alright, that’s cool then.

couldn’t you just make the walls translucent?

How is the waypoint activated? A relay? A trigger/zone?

BUMP because this is unresolved.

As I’ve said before, the player themselves cannot see the waypoint on them. Only others can see them. Meaning you’ll have to use the Location of Device setting.

There are numerous instances of “bumps”.

It’s truly terrifying to see the sheer number of them. :skull:

There’s only one on this post…

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So it’s impossible?