Waypoint Behaviors

There is most likely a very simple solution I am overlooking, but I am trying to activate a waypoint to track one player on the behalf of one other player, so that that player can see where player b is, but no one else can.


Couldn’t you use a relay? P.S. I tried this, it doesn’t work. For me at least

A relay would activate it on the behalf of the person. If I make the scope player only so no one else can see it, wouldn’t the player who would be being tracked be the only one able to see the waypoint?


Oh yeah… I don’t know how that work then.

Two Relays? I don’t think that would work either, though. Like the first player → Second player → Activate Waypoint? Idk

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Waypoints can only track one person at a time, right? So the waypoint would simply transfer over to the tracker instead of the tracked I think.

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This guide doesn’t exactly answer my question…

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I don’t think that’s how waypoints work…

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