Waterslide? Propel player~

This time I’m asking the question. Is it possible to make a waterslide? (well yes, BUT, there’s a twist) A waterslide where the player is propelled, so they do the waterslide without moving… Before you say, Oh Shadow just use teleporter, let me tell you-TELEPORTERS SUCK (for this anyways (lag/glitch/failure to continue the cycle thingy whatever)). So I did try barriers in hopes they might push the player, but the player just gets trapped inside the barrier the lags out. SO Ideas?

I don’t think there’s a real form of forced movement as of now, except teleporters. The closest I’ve gotten is using emoji displays, so if they work for you then great.

What about giving the illusion of forced movement~

If you can make a blastball look like a waterslide, then maybe? You can also use prop animation to do so, however the tiles in the background won’t move.

Also, the animation would definitely not look natural to anyone but the person moving.

So maybe there is water flooring, invis barriers that hold the player in place, and maybe an animation of trees/props, moving.

Set the player speed to zero to hold them in place. Will multiple people be able to see the water slide while one is on it?

Of course, you could also teleport them somewhere else to do the animation.

Just the person riding the waterslide will actually see the waterslide, camera view at the “top”, and invis barriers where you wait

You could make the waterslide move to pretend the player is moving.

Good idea, thanks @Anonymous ~

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