Wat do deez blocks do

wat do these blocks do?
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wats taking so long my guy

idk really ask a pro coder

hen whyd you reply

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Convert number to text will convert a number property to display it as text.
In text get substring from letter # to letter # gets a piece of text from 1 letter # to another. Ex: In text get substring [Fulcrum-19] from letter # [3] to letter # [9] = [lcrum-1]
In text get letter # is as simple as taking a specific character out of a piece of text. Ex: in text [Hello!] get letter # [5] = [o]
In text find first occurrence of text finds a specific character or string of characters in text, along with the first to last occurrence of the text. Ex: in text [Green grass find [last] occurrence of text [g] = 7


This is used to turn a number into text, most text outputs can’t output a number.


The second will output a section of text from the text you put into the first spot from the letter, number in the 2nd spot, to the number of letter in the last spot. Usually this is used with properties since if everything as preset there wouldn’t be a reason to have the extra blocks.
This would output “ABC”


This one is very similar to the last except instead of a string of text it just output one character.
his would output “C”


The last one gives the number of where the 2nd text occurs in the first text.
This would output “3”(specifically as a number. ie. you would need the first block to get it into text form.

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@DXCTYPE, has your account been hacked?6

I know I’m wrong about this but I feel like you can just read what the text says on the block and it explains it pretty well. Seems easy for me but I’m experienced so it is hard for me to say