Was this intentional? or

Screenshot 2024-05-06 6.58.21 AM
It got flipped. I mean, it looks intentional…

hmm, I need to check:

after checking:
-it is in my game too
-nothing in the discord
-not in the previous changelog (or until December)

that’s all I’ve got

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yea, it’s kinda sudden, maybe it’s connected to the new update? You know, a new game mode got published. It’s basically super smash bros

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I got to check that out… cya!

ok my friends left… I’m back, I think it has nothing to do with the new game mode because the new gamemode doesn’t even have a health bar, probably just a little upgrade they thought wasn’t worth mentioning

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I haven’t seen that before. huh.

That looks cool! Ive played a while and never really payed attention to that prop so idk really.



OMG!!! It’s legobuilder(right?)!

Perhaps. They were suspended until the 1st of May…

idk. i don’t really like talking about those among the fallen.

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Essentially ban evading… Whatever.


I want you to know you are awesome. You are friendly and kind. I hate myself for being this rude

um how? sorry if this is not lego but im messaging jeff to check your and lego’s ip because that would be ban evading.

Have you found out yet?

no, no responce

i’m very skeptical about whether its legobuilder or not. if it is, that’s just sad. they have one month left until they’re unbanned, can’t they wait just one more month?

some people cant which is sad, but idk if its him or not.

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dodgefox1 finally joined the forums, he didnt listen to lego too, no its not legobuilder, thats legobuilders freind.

How do u know, @Lostsea3? It seems very likely that it’s ban evading. :fire_extinguisher:

i talk with lego, hes got some freinds, but i can not be 100% sure, i’d press that it isnt legobuilder he wouldn’t do something that dunnb, hes smarter than that, his ban is almost over why mess it up now.

Good point. :+1: I find it ironic that he’s returning when I leave. Idk why. :laughing:

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